Ed’s Acrostics making a debut appearance on the MSFC website!


Readers of Ethel will already be familiar with the acrostic puzzle found in each issue. Well, now we’ll also be posting some puzzles here! We think the best way will be to post image files that should be easy to print, but please comment if you think there is a better way to present these puzzles! Click the images to see them full-size. Solutions will be supplied if requested.

Get to the puzzle!

How to solve acrostics:

Use the clues to discover which numbers represent which letters. Once a letter has a number, you can apply that letter to that number throughout the puzzle. For example, if a clue answer has the letter L over the number 7, the letter L can be entered wherever a 7 is. This way, the diagram and the clues allow you to find the answer from 2 directions, by knowing the answer to the clue and by filling in enough letters to guess the answer. When complete, the clues’ first letters spell another answer.

Acrostic Diagram

Acrostic Clues

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