Seminar: Transhumanism

James from PrimeSCI! has invited interested MSFC members to attend this seminar at Monash Uni, Clayton Campus. He writes:

PrimeSCI! would like to invite you to attend a seminar event on Transhumanism by Dr Steve Fuller, a visiting academic from the University of Warwick.

The events are supported by PrimeSCI!, the Monash – Warwick Alliance, and Science Technology and the Future.

You may attend the family-friendly seminar at 2pm on Saturday 4th October, “Young scientists’ introduction to Transhumanism: the future of science, technology and humanity” or attend the evening seminar at 7pm, a round table discussion on Transhumanism and the future of humanity. The panelists will be Dr Steve Fuller, Dr Francesca Minerva (Monash University), Dr Kevin Korb (Monash University) and Dr John Wilkins (The University of Melbourne).

For more information, please refer to the attached event flyers.
Bookings are essential:

The seminars will be held in the Rotunda Lecture Theatre (Building 8, Theatre R1) on the Clayton Campus of Monash University. Parking is free.

Please download a campus map at:

MSFC at the Sydney Road Street Party

Photo by MORELEN858

Photo by MORELEN858

Every year, this happens. And every year, the club has a stall at this event, so please, stop on by! Bring a friend who is curious about the club and would like to know more and meet other members!

From the President:
This Sunday is the Sydney Road Festival. We have a stall. Come and find us at Stall# 102. We are on the eastern side of Sydney Road between Dawson and Victoria Streets. The street opens to the public at 12.00 noon. Stay and chat with us for a while. Looking forward to seeing you there. Natalie

This Friday: Discussing Alternate History



Mark is excited to talk about one of his favourite genres: Alternate History. I’ve never seen Red Dawn, but apparently it’s one example of this genre. And who doesn’t have fond memories of Patrick Swayze? Or Michael J. Fox’s mother? I mean, Calvin Klein, or was that Marty McFly? Yeah.

Okay, so that’s the event this Friday. Come, talk, eat snacks and maybe bring your favorite example of the alternate history genre! Doors open at 8PM and everyone gets kicked out by 11PM.

This Friday: Jocko’s Video Night

Jocko's Video Night: Dragons World

This Friday’s event will be a viewing of the docu-fiction, Dragon’s World: A Fantasy Made Real. The cast includes Patrick Stewart and Ian Holm! It has many names in different countries, so if you want to know more, click here.

As always, tea, biccies and other refreshments will be available for sale at club prices.

This Friday: Board Games Night!


It’s the Friday after trivia, it must be Games Night! Which is great, because board games are fun!

However, this Friday is in a kind of limbo as we’ve lost our incumbent Games Master to Supanova. If any member is interested in being a temporary Games Master, please let us know! The only thing a temporary Games Master really needs to do is show up at 8PM and bring along as many board games as possible! Any further activity (like bringing Tabletop episodes, etc) is a bonus! (And really, even the board games are negotiable…)

Edit: A Games Master has stepped up! Thank you, Jocko!


This Friday’s Event: Board Games Night

Last month’s Board Games night was such a success, everyone had to be summarily kicked out at 11PM! Seeing as everyone is so pleased with this event, this is now a monthly event, the week after Trivia Night.

Last month, we had Space Munchkin, Zombie Fluxx and what looked to be a well-made, and hand-made, board game from a Russian Sci-Fi club. Hopefully, they’ll bring it on Friday so more people can give it a try!

Doors open at 8PM and we’ll probably start playing as soon as we can set up! As always, Eva will be serving up beverages and snacks at club prices.