Are You Interested in Science Fiction?

The Melbourne Science Fiction Club is the oldest science fiction club in the southern hemisphere and meets every Friday night in Melbourne, Australia.

We run a variety of activities including film screenings, collectors fairs, trivia nights and of course, our monthly all-you-can-eat food night. In addition to our weekly meetings, our members also receive our award winning magazine Ethel the Aardvark and are able to borrow from our library of over 8,000 science fiction and fantasy books.

Our members have a wide variety of interests including various Literature, TV shows and Movies, and includes many Costumers, Modellers, Artists, Writers, Gamers and Collectors. What we have in common is a keen interest in the universe around us, and a willingness to share thoughts and ideas with a diverse range of people.

Our aim is to provide an information service and regular meeting place for all followers of SF. We also have established points of contact with similar science fiction clubs and organisations interstate, and internationally.

New members of all ages are always welcome.
Come along and meet us on Friday night!

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